Vacation Knits, Part 1

We've just returned from a bit of a vacation and the jet lag has worn off just enough to sneak in a wee blog post.  Vacation was wonderful and full of family, knitting, and much holiday cheer.  I feel so fortunate to have the friends and family that I do all over the world, even though I wasn't able to see all of them.  It was pleasantly surprising to have the time to start and even finish a few knitting projects while we were away.  Yes, yes, I was showing you all progress shots of my Sidewalk Shawl before I left, and yes it's finished but sufficient sunlight is in short supply right now and I want to give my shawl the proper pomp I think it deserves.  So you'll just have to wait for a sunny day to see the final product. While we all wait for that I thought we could hunker down and look at my little vacation knits.  There has been just enough light pouring through my kitchen window to allow for some halfway decent photos of little things.  So grab a cup of tea or maybe some spiced wine and make yourself at home.  Maybe we can put on a little Christmas music to get the mood right? Ah, there.  I just love Bing Crosby, don't you?


Vacation knit number one is a super basic beret made from just under one skein of Noro Koromo, Color 4, Lot A.  I'ts a cotton, wool, and silk blend and knit on size 3 and 9 circular needles.  I can't share the pattern with you all since it was a house pattern at a tiny yarn store I happened upon in my travels but it's very basic and I'm sure with a bit of time on Ravelry you could come up with something very similar.  It seems to me that the secret to a good beret is a nice, firm blocking.  Don't you just love these colors? The bit of fire on the brim that isn't visible from the top? I saw a sample hat knit up at the shop and could not stop myself from purchasing the yarn to make myself one.  I'm so glad I did because I think this hat is just fabulous.  You may notice a few loose ends in one of the photos...I'm a terrible procrastinator when it comes to weaving in my ends and with a hat that I can just poke the loose ends up into, I'm absolutely barbarous.  I just tuck them all away and toss on the hat! Oh my.

I do hope you'll come by again tomorrow for another peek into my knitting basket!  Now if you don't mind passing the gingerbread...?