Vacation Knits, Part 3

SONY DSCSONY DSC Edited to add that these mittens were knit from this pattern: Irish Hiking Mittens by Karin Michel.

Today's installment of vacation knits features a project that I did not knit! These were an early Christmas present from my mother-in-law who knit them from recycled cashmere that she reclaimed from an old sweater (Isnt' that nifty?). They are exquisitely soft and elegant and I love them. I would love to someday have the time and patience to learn how to harvest quality fiber from old sweaters. Just recently I listened to a podcast on Woolful about this very thing.  One of her guests, Jerome Sevilla of Grid Junky, almost exclusively uses reclaimed wool from thrifted sweaters in his work.  If you go on over and take a look at his blog I think you'll be amazed at how sharp his designs look.  It looks like with a little time and effort  you can have great fiber for the price of a few days of work and a good eye for wool.

If you haven't started listening to the Woolful podcast (launched last month) and you're a yarn junkie you are truly missing out.  So far I am loving the themes and guests, and I get such a feeling of belonging when I listen in.  There's an unbelievably vast community of knitters, weavers, crocheters, dyers, and spinners out there in the world; so many, in fact, that it can be a touch overwhelming when you're looking for inspiration or a blog to fill out your RSS feed.  Listening to this podcast has already introduced me to a few new fiber enthusiasts who's blogs I hadn't yet stumbled on.  Finding new bloggers gives me the feeling that I'm building a network of new friends, even if they don't know me or my blog.  And don't you just love hearing your favorite bloggers talk?  It's like you've all gotten together for tea and they're sitting there telling you about their life.  So much closer to real, I think.

Anywho, thanks again for stopping by.  This concludes my little vacation knits mini-series but I'll have some beautiful woolly goodness to share next time. Take care and see you soon!