Handspun Wool

SONY DSC SONY DSCOne of my favorite things about living in Europe is that I can't seem to go anywhere without passing a yarn shop or two.  Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting a Medieval Market in a nearby town.  Spiced wine was imbibed, artisan booths visited, and music heard.  I was pleasantly surprised to come upon a booth selling handspun wool and nalbinding neeldes (for more info on Medieval knitting, I found this webpage to be chock full of resources).  I almost can't believe that I walked away from this booth with empty hands the first go around. I realized my foolishness only as we were preparing to leave and had to drag my companions back through the winding rows of market stalls (in the dark) to remedy my error.  Now, not only do I have some beautiful, bulky, handspun single-ply but I also have the email address of a local spinner!  Happy day.  I wonder what this will mean for my 2015 stash?