Hedgehog Christmas


I've always been a huge procrastinator and this Christmas was no different.  Though we don't do gifts for friends and family, I think there is always an exception to be made for children.  The magic and anticipation for that morning when you can finally open your gifts is a special experience I'd like to keep around for baby's first few years at least. Unfortunately I spent so long knitting a stocking that I barely had any time to knit a gift to go inside!

I knew that I wanted to knit some kind of doll, something whimsical to inspire creative play.  Purl Bee came to the rescue with their cute little hedgehog pattern.  Hedgehogs are such interesting little characters and hold a special place in my heart.  On my 13th birthday my parents let me choose between going ice skating or a surprise (what would you choose?).  The surprise ended up being a pet hedgehog who my little sister very creatively named Pokey.  I wasn't the best hedgehog owner, though I did feed him live crickets (more like allowed a bag of live crickets to escape into my parents' house...oops) and take him outside to run his little heart out when the weather was nice.  He had a nice, red wheel to play on all night and I think he lived a pretty good life.  Hmm...I think I may have gotten a little sidetracked here...

What I was trying to say is that hedgehogs are pretty sweet.  Knitted hedgehogs are significantly easier to care for and also very sweet so I whipped this little guy up for my little girl and she seems to like him just fine.  I love the woolly fibers he's made of and I selfishly hope he finds a place of honor amongst his plushy compatriots.

Pattern is Knit Hedgehogs by Purl Soho. Yarn is misc. Wool of the Andes by Knit Picks for face and belly, and Creative Melange chunky by Rico Design in the color Partie for the back and eyes/nose.