Lotus Flower and Blanket Planning

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCPlanning, planning, planning a new project.  I can never quite imagine how something is going to look until it's finished, especially as it pertains to color.  Not a great quality in a crocheter, is it?  I've got a babywearing blanket in the works to match my favorite woven wrap from Didymos.  The yarn I'm using is all taken from my stash so the colors are slightly more limited than what I would choose if I had the full palette of choices in front of me.  And stripes look so different than a woven pattern which makes the colors look even more different.  I'm enjoying the process, though, and it's very nice, mindless crocheting.  To spice up the monotony I whipped up this lovely lotus flower last night thinking that I could incorporate it into the blanket somehow, but I haven't figured out how to do it just yet.  Put it in the center? Off center? On the edge? In my hair?  Who knows.  Do you have any suggestions?  In the meantime I'm going to keep admiring it and it's many little petals.  You can find the pattern by Esther Chandler here on Make My Day Creative.  It's a bit fiddly but the result is beautiful, no?  Oh and before I forget, do you see the gorgeous amber necklace in the last picture? That was the trade for my babywearing blanket. A lovely trade, I think, as it hasn't left my neck often since I got it!  You can find more necklaces like it or put in a custom order over at Starlight Amber by Gabba. Well there's much to be crocheted tonight so that I'll have more to show you next week!  Oh and please stay tuned for something very exciting at the beginning of next week.  There may also be a giveaway involved...so come back!