Didymos Inspired Babywearing Blanket Reveal, Part 1

I am so excited about my newest project that I may have gone a little overboard on photos.  That's my way of telling you that the "reveal" for this blanket is going to be split into multiple parts so I don't completely overwhelm you with images at once! Ready? Ok. So this is my latest babwearing blanket (previous rainbow version can be seen here)  and it's inspired by the Didymos babywearing wrap called Orient.  I love wrapping my little one up close and she loves it too.  It's one of the easiest and gentlest ways to get her to take a nap!  It also doesn't hurt that they make woven wraps in beautiful patterns and colors - I think they do it to distract from all the kid-related stains on your parent-clothes, and I have absolutely no problem with that.  I think my wraps are worth more than wardrobe on most days.

My blanket colors don't match the wrap perfectly since I drew the yarn entirely from my preexisting stash of Caron Simply Soft (I stocked up on it when I lived in Hawaii because it was the best cheap yarn I could get locally!) but I think it captures the feeling. And that pom pom edging? Can you really get enough of that?  I can't! I think it's entirely too much fun and I am completely enamored.  You can find that tutorial here at Once Upon a Pink Moon.  The buttons are all locally sourced and vintage and sewn on with metallic DMC thread because who doesn't need more sparkle in their life?   You can read more about the lotus flower and grab the link to the pattern in my previous post here.

Ok, photo time!