French Knit Bracelet Tutorial

SONY DSCNow that we're nearing the end of January I think it's about time for me to get back to our monthly theme, don't you?  If you recall it was 'Bonjour' and I believe I promised you some DIY jewelry!  Well today I'm going to follow through. The technique I'll be using is called French knitting (see, I'm tying in the theme) or spool knitting and you don't need much to get started.  In the photo above you'll see that my spool or Knitting Nancy, as they're called, is shaped like a mushroom.  I have a thing for mushrooms (so whimsical, no?) and I found this one at a German flea market for just a Euro and had to have it.  You can find Knitting Nancies in many different styles and designs - I particularly like these doll-shaped spools on Etsy - or they are quite easy to make yourself! All you need is some popsicle sticks, a toilet paper roll, and duct tape.  Or you can even transform a wooden spool with some nails!  I think this tutorial by Crafts, Homeschooling, and More on YouTube is spot on but there are thousands of French Knitting or TP Tube Knitting videos and tutorials are out there on the web! The tutorial I'm sharing with you today is better suited to a spool style Knitting Nancy as opposed to a TP roll since it makes a denser cord.  Ok, ready for the tutorial?  I'll be showing you how to make this: SONY DSC SONY DSC

First, gather your supplies. You'll need a Knitting Nancy, a small amount of yarn, a button, and a darning needle.  I also used a small crochet hook to help me pull my stitches over the spool since the stick that came with it was missing when I purchased it.


Using your chosen method for French knitting, knit a cord that measures 22 inches.  You want to make sure you measure from the tip or beginning of the emerging cord all the way to the top of your Knitting Nancy.  Don't just measure to the base of the Knitting Nancy since there will be at least an inch or so of tubing inside it!

SONY DSCOnce you've reached the desired length, bind off your knitting and weave in your ends.  Folding the tube in half, tie a basic overhand knot in the middle.  Pull it relatively tight but not too tight that you get a very small, shapeless knot.  It will look like this.

SONY DSCNow create a hole in the closed end (the side where there are not two ends) that will be large enough for your button.  To make this hole I tied a piece of scrap yarn around both sides of the tube, anchoring it in the stitches so it wouldn't slide up or down, then wrapped the yarn around and around, tied another knot to secure it, and hid my ends.


Then you'll sew your button onto the side of the folded tube where the two ends are, making sure to catch both sides of tube in your sewing yarn while adding the button. Now you've got a bracelet!

SONY DSC SONY DSCTres chic! I love this quick, easy project.  It uses just a wee bit of wool, a small amount of time, and looks rather dashing if I do say so myself!  I hope you enjoy making one or more for yourself!