Weaving Novice

SONY DSCListening to Woolful has inspired me in many different ways.  Over the past month it has been quickly widening my fiber horizons and introducing me to, and in some cases re-introducing me to different ways of using fiber.  Some of her contributors dye, some spin, others make the tools we use to create fiber or fiber arts...and some weave.  I don't know why but weaving has taken hold of me lately.  I've been drawing up the plans for a good DIY loom but in the meantime I haven't been able to stop myself from using just about anything I have available.   My knitting loom became a circular loom for a day, and then I raided the paper recycling for some cardboard. SONY DSCSONY DSC

I've woven my scraps from the scrap basket (I usually save them for stuffing toys).


And I've collected pretty things from the woods and scraps of fabric from under my sewing machine and given those a go.SONY DSC SONY DSCWeaving is so tranquil, so calming.  The gentle up, down, up,down of the shuttle.  The groaning of the fibers.  The beautiful haphazardness of shoving oh, anything through the fibers.  Joy.  Give it a go!