Floral Headband




SONY DSCHello spring! Hello flowers! Hello sunshine! In honor of springtime (and in order to procrastinate on my lace shawl) I've spent my spare moments today and yesterday whipping up some little flowery doodads for a lovely little headband.  I followed a few patterns (here, here, here, and here) but played around and winged the rest. Freeform crochet has never been one of my strengths but it has such an appeal.  Just like jazz. I wanted to be able to play jazz piano when I was very young; every summer I got to choose what kind of music I wanted to work on and while I usually chose a movie soundtrack as a break from classical piano, one summer I chose jazz.  I practiced as much as a middle schooler on summer vacation can be expected to, but I just couldn't get it! I couldn't let loose and let the music speak to me.  The only time I really get in that kind of zone is with my oil pastels, but I digress.  Today I tried to paint with my yarn and this little floral number is what happened.  The toddler doesn't care much for it, curlers are the only headgear she will deign to wear for more than two seconds.

Go out and enjoy some sunshine this weekend!  Or snow, as the case may be.  See you soon!