My Vibrant Lonely Tree Shawl

I had a really wonderful time knitting this shawl.  I've wanted a lacy leaf-patterned knit shawl for ages but didn't quite have the courage to start a lace chart with a toddler underfoot.  Then I saw how easy and straightforward The Lonely Tree Shawl was.  Most of the knitting took place on a very long drive (thanks to German construction season) to the Bavarian Alps while the toddler snoozed and the mister drove.  I'm so lucky.

I used Tosca Light  by Lang Yarns in color 0053.  I held two strands from two skeins together and I'm really enamored with the effect. I was a bit worried that the oranges and greens would mix and make mud but they played really well together.  The only complaint I had about this pattern was that I wished I could keep knitting when I reached the end of the chart!  I had a good bit of yarn leftover and I usually go for a bigger shawl, though this one drapes just right over my shoulders or around my neck.  As luck would have it, Silvia Bo Bilvia released The Elder Tree Shawl with an endlessly repeatable chart and variations for any weight of yarn (it's a paid pattern whereas The Lonely Tree Shawl was free). I might go for that one next time! Probably would have done it this time if I'd seen it before now.

So, do I have enough shawls yet? Well, of course the answer is NEVER.  I'm a shawl girl, what can I say?  If I had to justify myself I would tell you that this is my first knitted shawl, the rest are all crochet. It has the most wonderful drape and texture and I've been taking every opportunity to wear it before the full-blown summer heat hits us.  You just can't have enough shawls, I tell you.

Until next time! Happy crafting.