I'm back!

You read right, there will be a new baby to knit for next year!  Just as I was excitedly picking out little sweater patterns (I bought this one) a cruel twist of fate caused my morning sickness to come in the form of an extreme aversion to yarn. What in the holy heck is up with that?  Up until yesterday I didn't want to smell, see, or touch yarn of any kind. I have never heard of anything so odd or stupid.  The overflowing baskets of wool that adorned every flat surface of my living room were hastily stashed in the farthest corners of my craft room and my many shawls were taken down from their hooks and folded neatly into the back of the closet.  Instagram wasn't checked, woolly podcasts were avoided, and the only exposure to yarn that I could stomach was reading the Yarn Harlot's blog.  I could barely think about knitting without experiencing a wave of nausea.

In a way, maybe that break was a good thing. I can sometimes get a little obsessive about things *ahem* and wool was sort of taking over the house...and my life.  Creative outlets are a necessity for me and now that I'm a parent, they've become an even bigger key to my happiness...but creative outlets shouldn't cause stress. I was starting to feel stressed that I had so many projects on the go, stressed I wouldn't finish them before G outgrew them, stressed about getting a new blog post up, and stressed that this blog wasn't good enough.  Things like exercise, cooking, drawing, and reading were taking a back seat to my yarn addiction and that wasn't making me happy. Over the past month I've been simplifying my life and my surroundings, and re-focusing on what is important to me.  So far I love where it's taking me.

Enjoy your day!