Happy Holidays - Here, Have a Unicorn

In celebration of the many festivities happening this time of year and to help you unwind from said activities, here's a free (for a limited time) Unicorn coloring page to enjoy.  To download please click the image and download through my Gumroad shop (this is a great way for me to see interest, and Gumroad is a great site!)  This design is also available on my Society6 page in regular and sepia and I must say, it makes an excellent tote bag.  Just saying. I would be delighted if you would share your finished coloring pages with me either by emailing them to thewoolpickle@wordpress.com, posting on my Facebook page, linking me to your blog, or tagging them with #coloringwithwoolpickle on Instagram!

Also, if you haven't already seen, I've joined a small coloring page collaborative with the talented ladies at Liliana Beatriz Artworks and Robyn McKeown Designs.  We'll be releasing free coloring pages once a month and coloring each others pages through the month. You can read more at the "Coloring Pages" tab on my blog (upper right) or by visiting our Facebook group!

Without further ado, the Unicorn.


Download Here