Welcome to the world...

Baby Clementine joined us, six days late and extremely rapidly (to the shock and perhaps terror of more than one of us!).  She is beautiful, healthy, and surrounded by love from all sides.  Big sister is adjusting very well and has shown us her kind, gentle, compassionate side along with the jealous and two-nager one.  As seems only fitting, baby decided she would come out as soon as I started to knit a wee bonnet for her in some extra soft and luxurious merino wool. Welcome to the world, little one.


Scobies, Sweaters, and Thread

I don't remember pregnancy being quite so exhausting the last time around.  I probably wasn't this exhausted last time, come to think of it.  When you've got a whole toddler-sized person to care for everything tends to get more complicated.  We've had more screen time in our lives over the last several weeks than I care to admit and exercise has been limited to very long walks as a family after supper.  My knees are sore from that time I went jogging three weeks ago and despite having purchased new running shoes I just can't seem to push myself out the door to use them.

Many evenings have been spent with my feet kicked up on the coffee table and a small project in hand.  Last week I made myself some fingerless gloves from an old cashmere sweater I thrifted years ago and found sitting at the bottom of one of my fabric bins during the spring clean.  I chopped off one of the sleeves, used a jersey bedsheet for lining, and hand embroidered them with a bouquet of dandelions and a few bumblebees seeking pollen. They'll surely keep my hands and wrists warm as we creep into autumn and hopefully will remind me of these hot summer days of buzzing bees and puffy dandelions.

I've also cast on for a new little sweater for my sweet little girl. We had a day or two of chilly days (Germany occasionally forgets that it's summer) and I went into full, knitterly panic!  Everyone needs fresh, new winter things, especially those of us who have outgrown all the winter things that were knit last winter.  Did I say I wasn't going to knit anything before my Nanook was finished? Hm, I don't remember that.  And a toddler sweater is really such a small thing, it doesn't really count as another WIP, right? The pattern is Swing Thing by Theresa Belville and it's free on Ravelry.

Besides the knitting, the sewing, and the toddler-rearing I've been watching the scobies in my kombucha proliferate. I now officially have more hibiscus tea scobies than I know what to do with. I bought a couple large glass jars of pickles and promptly ate most of them so that I could use those jars for kombucha experiments.  (Pregnancy loves pickles)  Right now I've got one batch of my hibiscus kombucha undergoing a second fermentation with a vanilla bean and another jar of hibiscus and green tea that's slowly growing a scoby.  It looks like I have a bit of an addiction. Now I just need to order myself a proper crock and get started on a batch of sauerkraut!

Happy crafting and take care.

Neon Toddler Socks

I LOVE the color of these socks. Who wouldn't want some hot green socks?  My toddler loves them and stole them just as soon as they came off the needles.  Seeing them here I realize I could have used smaller needles because the gauge is a little loose (or maybe my cereal box toddler sock forms are just too big).  These socks went through the ringer while they were in progress. They rode around in a few different purses and diaper bags and came together over the course of several car rides and naps.  There are plenty of mistakes, twisted stitches, and ladders but I hardly think the toddler will mind just yet.  'm hopeful that we have just a few more cool spring days left for her to wear them!

Happy making!