Skyrim Helmet Hat


H4 H3 H1

Not to be left out, my husband also requested a horned-hat (see unicorn here and dragon here).  This one is inspired by the Iron Helmet from Skyrim.  I took plenty of liberties with the design but I think the overall effect comes across.  Mr. Pickle is wholly pleased with it so I call it a success.  Now we just need to scout out a medieval market or Halloween party to wear these funky hats to!

Notes on construction: I freehanded it once again and used Lion Brand Hometown USA for the gray (just barely 2 skeins) and Red Heart Super Saver held double for the horns.  Some of the accessories are sewn on using sewing thread, which is new for me but I think it looks a little cleaner than sewing with yarn in some situations.  The eye piece can be tucked up into the hat to make it easier for the wearer to see.

This costume-hat-making is so much fun I hardly want to stop! But there's an impatient baby in my belly who will be making her appearance before long and demands some new, cushy hand-knits when she does.  Maybe if the toddler takes a nap today I'll snap some pictures of those WIPs to share with you all.

Happy Crafting!

My Little Dragon

In keeping with the horned-hat theme (see my unicorn hat here), and because my daughter loves dinosaur-type creatures, I made her a dragon hat!  For two days she wouldn't take it off, inside or out, and I had the pleasure of watching a tiny dragon roar around my house.  Nothing better than watching my baby wear and be excited about something I made for her!  Plus, it's a lot easier to laugh at the mishaps of toddler life when said destructive toddler is dressed like a dragon.  Toddler empties the contents of the silverware drawer while you're trying to cook dinner? Frustrating.  Dragon empties the silverware drawer? Well that's what any dragon would do, don't you think?  Maybe I've been inhaling too much acrylic yarn fumes...

A few pattern notes: I freehanded the pattern and used Lion Brand Homespun, Red Heart Super Saver, and Lion Brand Hometown USA.  The tassels will need to be redone because they've frayed too much (darn LB Homespun and it's fuzziness) and I'm thinking of adding some ribbons into them because, ribbons.

I've got another hat hot off the hook for Mr Pickle that I can't wait to show you all...tomorrow!

Happy Crafting.

Unicorn Hat

U6U1 U2 U3 U5 Selfies, selfies, and more selfies... because what else would a unicorn do?  I was selling at the craft fair this weekend and was so excited when I saw tons of wild crochet costume hats parading through the fair.  I just couldn't resist going home and making one for myself.  The yarn was all from my stash and I came up with the pattern as I went (sorry, didn't write it down).  It took some convincing to get me to take it off last night, but I'm pretty sure my toddler approves because she's been bringing it to me all morning and demanding that "Mama hat. HAT".  Don't worry, I'm hard at work on a hat for her today.  See you soon!

Happy crafting.

Sewing Love


I've been on a refashion roller coaster this week as I've been prepping our wardrobes for fall; Long sleeves, leggings, and chai lattes are coming, people! Something that makes me deeply happy is wearing partially or wholly homemade clothes. I feel like when I reuse or refashion pieces of old clothes I'm lowering my carbon footprint, diminishing my spending, and exercising my creative mind.  At the thrift store I collect clothes with designs, colors, and materials that appeal to me or are in fashion, then bring them home to cut up and re-purpose in a way that looks good and works for me.  I also have a strange addiction to collecting sewing notions like lace, ribbon, and buttons for fancying up old or cheap pieces in my wardrobe.  Matching the parts together and finding ways to reuse old materials is fascinating and such good fun.

This week I raided our giveaway pile of clothes looking for an old button up shirt which I turned into an adaptation of this Sweet Crochet and Sew Dress from the Purl Bee.  The yarn was remnants from a bonnet for my daughter and is a soft cotton.  Then I took some scissors to an old, stained, lace pajama dress and used the hem to lengthen a new sweatshirt/sweater so that it would cover my (growing) bump without being utterly scandalous.  I love how a bit of lace can make anything look a bit more fabulous, don't you?  After that it was onto one of my husband's old T-shirts.  I turned a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt into a dress for my little miss.  It fits her with room to grow and it gave me a wonderful, low-risk opportunity to practice sewing knits (tricky, tricky).  If you'd like to make one for a little person in your life, you can find the tutorial here on Instructables.  Really, who doesn't have an old t-shirt laying around that could use a new life?

Between all these lovely sewing projects, I had a few dates with my crochet hook and some Caron Simply Soft.  I can't tell you just yet what those flower squares will become, but I think they'll make something whimsical and lovely for fall. I always seem to need a few flowers in my life when the clouds come to stay and the cold creeps in each winter.

What are some of your favorite ways to refashion old clothes?  Do you cut up your old tshirts for household rags or weave them into rugs?  I'd love to hear your suggestions and stories so please drop me a line.  If you leave me a link to your own refashion blog post I'll certainly pop over and have a look!

Happy crafting.

Flashback - Scottish Princess

This post was originally published on my old blog, From Honolulu to Eternity, on June 17, 2014. What a lovely day for another lovely!  This week I finished a new princess you may recognize as the fiery redhead from a recent animated picture.  This one was a special request from a friend of mine and think it turned out darling.  I hope her little girl has a lot of fun with this Scottish princess.