Swing Thing for Little Miss Thing

Hot off the needles is a new sweater for my little girl.  There's a chill in the air that is best kept at bay by handknits, especially mama-made handknits.  The main color is a beautiful mystery yarn dyed by my talented mother-in-law and the contrasting purple is Shine worsted by Knit Picks in the color Crocus (I think).  Pattern is Swing Thing with a few modifications. I cut out the first section of garter so the neck would be more open and probably did a few more things that I forgot to write down.  I'm terrible at record-keeping when it comes to knitting!

I love how it gives the Peppa-Pig-pajamas-inspired-outfit a little bit of a boost in the fashion department.  Have I mentioned that my toddler is dressing herself? And that she will only wear two tops, both of them Peppa Pig tops?  We're all about freedom of expression and whacky outfits in this house, but I'm not doing pink laundry every two days so she can wear Peppa nonstop.  Luckily this sweater was a hit and she hasn't seemed to notice that Peppa is not on the front.  Whew.

In other news, my husband and I celebrated our fourth anniversary yesterday. And by celebrated, I mean we saw each other for about an hour before bed. But that was enough and it was lovely. Today we're hoping to go do something fun and silly like bowling if the toddler allows.  I'll leave you with my little love note to him because we're sappy like that.

To K: A year ago, on our last anniversary, I bought this yarn for socks. I also bought a skein for myself. As you can see, only one sock is finished. It's orange (because you're fun, fashionable, brave, and appreciate a good yarn sale), they've been pulled off the needles many times by our toddler (because she is), and it's knit with so much love and so many memories. I took this knitting with me when you had surgery and on so many car trips around Europe. It has certainly been the year of wool for me. In another time of our lives all four of the socks would be finished like they should have been today (or yesterday, but who's counting?). But this is the time that we are in and all the things that have kept me from finishing the socks are all the things I've loved and experienced with you and our growing (crazy) family all year. Here's to four years of weirdness and passion and to many more. I love you.

Happy Crafting!

Neon Toddler Socks

I LOVE the color of these socks. Who wouldn't want some hot green socks?  My toddler loves them and stole them just as soon as they came off the needles.  Seeing them here I realize I could have used smaller needles because the gauge is a little loose (or maybe my cereal box toddler sock forms are just too big).  These socks went through the ringer while they were in progress. They rode around in a few different purses and diaper bags and came together over the course of several car rides and naps.  There are plenty of mistakes, twisted stitches, and ladders but I hardly think the toddler will mind just yet.  'm hopeful that we have just a few more cool spring days left for her to wear them!

Happy making!

April WIPs and Vintage Finds

SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Hello my lovelies.  I hope you're having a fabulous weekend full of tea and crafting.  I've been enjoying lots of time with Mr. Pickle and Toddler Pickle.  Yesterday we went to our monthly flea market for some treasure hunting. The mister got some electronic doodads to fiddle with and the little one got a new book of German songs.  I came home with a few tablecloths (one of which is destined to become a Mei Tai or Onbu), vintage buttons, a lovely little painting that looks so familiar, and a load of vintage linens that I'll be using for sewing projects this week.  I'm very excited to show you what I'll be making, so please watch this space!

As I was stashing my new treasures away I started rifling through my WIP basket.  The pile of yarn has been growing and when that happens I start to feel a little disconnected from what I'm making.  The obvious solution to this problem was to drag my projects out into the sunlight and take some photos.  My logic is that if I show you what I'm making I'll be accountable for finishing them!

On the hook I've got a granny square cowl from Knit Picks Chroma in Smoothie Fingering (a discontinued colorway) and some fuzzy fingerless gloves in a mix of vintage acrylic yarns.  It's a bit too warm to think about working on any sort of gloves, which is unfortunate because I'm also knitting a pair of wristwarmers that were supposed to be a Christmas present last year (oops). Also on the needles is my Lonely Tree Shawl in double stranded Tosca Light and my Stripemania socks which are determined not to fall prey to SSS (Second Sock Syndrome)!  Oh, and the pièce de résistance in crochet, my Lace Lux Maia Shawl.  I have less than a week to finish, block, and string a set of pearls to match.  Eek.  Here's a little sneak peek....Happy Crafting!


Welcome to March!

Well that was quick. February always seems to slip past too quickly for me.  Mr. Pickle, my big sister, and I all celebrate our birthdays during that last month of winter so I'm fairly partial to it.  It's a beautiful month.  Nevertheless it's been quite hectic for me as I've been planning a big event for next weekend while simultaneously trying not to lose my mind as I chase the toddler around.  Whew.  First up today I'd like to take a look back at what I made last month. February Collage

Wow, seeing all my projects for the month in one place makes me feel good.  I'm all geared up to tackle March now! So what's been on my hooks and needles?  Well I'm obsessed with socks, particularly vibrant-colored, self-striping sock yarn.  I've got a new pair of socks on my lovely KnitPro DPNs for the toddler.


I have my first ever pair of socks for MYSELF on my new bamboo DPNs.  They are rainbow, self-striping, thick, Regia Stripemania, and wonderful.   (I've knit five more stripes since taking this photo, it's that addictive.)


I bought myself a little birthday yarn.  It's one of my staple wools (Austermann Merino 105) and some OPAL sock yarn that had a very intriguing image on the label.  The Schafpate project is an initiative to keep German wool production local.

"Starting with Merino wool from the nature reservation BiosphäreAlb in South Germany, on the re-processing in the Bremer Woll-Kämmerei AG in Bremen and the Zwickauer Kammgarn GmbH and finally to manufacture the famous OPAL sweater and sock-knitting wool in the town of knitting, Hechingen."  Source.

After listening to and absorbing so much of the sentiment behind the Woolful Podcast I've begun to search out more eco-conscious wool.  There are so many types of eco-consciousness when it comes to wool but the idea of a locally sourced and manufactured product really appealed to me.

opal SONY DSCIf you noticed the paint pallet in all my photos it's because I got to do some painting on my birthday. It was quite messy and the toddler tried to wipe the paint off my leg with a rag at one point, but the end result is wonderful.  It's a painting of toddler and me and I'm a wee bit too private to share it here.  Toddler Pickle loves it, though, and points at it whenever she walks into the room or whenever I ask, "Where's the baby". Heart warming.SONY DSC

My tulips also decided to grace me by blooming on my birthday.  How magical.  Spring may be coming after all.


If you're interested in podcasts I want to recommend Knit.fm.  Highly informative, easy to listen to, and up-to-date.  I'm hoping they release some new episodes soon!

In closing, I am lusting after these two yarns.  Check them out if you dare!

Watermelon sock yarn by Artistic Yarn by Abi and Outlander by Voolenvine Yarns which is sold out! Ah!

Happy Crafting!

Toddler Sock Trial & Error

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCHello folks and sorry for my absence this week.  February has been a rip roarin' month for me at my volunteer job and Toddler Pickle is at an age where she can't be left to her devices for more than a minute without causing some real damage.  Nevertheless I have been knitting to keep my sanity.  Socks have been my drug of choice since they are so simple, the pattern easily memorized, and I can knit most of them without looking at my hands!  This is wonderful when you need to keep your eyes on a toddler or sneak in a few pages of Outlander (I am on book two and entranced).  Today I thought I'd show you a bit of a flop in my sock world.  These socks were started in November and apparently my daughter's feet have grown since then. Fancy that.  So by the time I started the second sock I had to go back and tick back the first sock to increase the length.  I made some stupid mistakes on one of the heels while I was away from the pattern, and the ribbed cuffs are just so short when I put them on Toddler Pickle's legs!  Alas, they fit, they are soft, and they are handmade.  They will probably only last for a month or so at the rate she's growing, but they do make me happy to look at. Knit on 2,5 mm Knit Pro DPNs with My First Regia in 1894 Dominik.  It was a beautiful yarn to work with, I only wish it came in a toddler sized ball!