Floral Headband




SONY DSCHello spring! Hello flowers! Hello sunshine! In honor of springtime (and in order to procrastinate on my lace shawl) I've spent my spare moments today and yesterday whipping up some little flowery doodads for a lovely little headband.  I followed a few patterns (here, here, here, and here) but played around and winged the rest. Freeform crochet has never been one of my strengths but it has such an appeal.  Just like jazz. I wanted to be able to play jazz piano when I was very young; every summer I got to choose what kind of music I wanted to work on and while I usually chose a movie soundtrack as a break from classical piano, one summer I chose jazz.  I practiced as much as a middle schooler on summer vacation can be expected to, but I just couldn't get it! I couldn't let loose and let the music speak to me.  The only time I really get in that kind of zone is with my oil pastels, but I digress.  Today I tried to paint with my yarn and this little floral number is what happened.  The toddler doesn't care much for it, curlers are the only headgear she will deign to wear for more than two seconds.

Go out and enjoy some sunshine this weekend!  Or snow, as the case may be.  See you soon!

Happy Heart Garland

There have been lots of ups and downs this week, but I can't put my finger on exactly what they've been. My daughter just took her first steps four days ago and now she's running from room to room, turning on an absolute dime.  She's just amazing.  Little people frequently are.  The lows are probably just a response to all the miraculous highs this little girl has been giving me, but that doesn't make them much easier to swallow.  The great love of motherhood comes with great stress.  But you know what always makes me feel happy? Wool! Yes and the more colorful the better!  So what have I done to brighten my mood? Well, I've whipped up a happy little heart garland to look at. SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Heart patterns are here at Pattern Paradise and here at the Felted Button.  The middle heart started out from a pattern that turned out to be vague and confusing so I winged it and I think I like it!  Yarn is leftover from a bright shawl I made last spring.  Perhaps I'll share some photos of that tomorrow!  In the mean time, get crafty, people. And don't forget to celebrate Galentine's Day tomorrow.  My amazing lady-friend over at Tales 'nTeacups already sent me the best Galentine's Day card ever.  That was certainly one of my highs this week.

Oh, P.S.  Wool Pickle now has an Instagram!

Buckeye Baby Blanket

SONY DSCThis month started off with me in a bit of  a panic.  See, I'm not a very good planner and a baby shower that I was convinced was happening on a Monday was actually on a Sunday.  So the blanket that I started on Saturday afternoon, ahem, needed to be finished the next day! Thankfully I am a speedy crocheter and babies are small.   I didn't have a chance to measure the blanket before gifting it but t works out to be a good car-seat size, I think.  Hopefully the blanket is airy enough to get some use during the hot summer when baby is due but not too "holey" that little fingers will get stuck.  Overall I'm happy with the way it turned out.   The parents are big Ohio State fans so the buckeyes were a must. The yarn is acrylic sport weight held double in the middle, the red is Red Heart Super Saver, and the cream is Red Heart Baby (I think...).  The buckeyes are my own pattern and the leaf came from here.  The blanket pattern is the Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket and can be found here. I used a 6.5 mm hook throughout.  SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

As far as my theme this month (comfort, if you missed it) I think a baby blanket fits right in.  What more does a baby want in those early days than to be snuggled up warm with a fully belly of milk?

SONY DSC SONY DSCThanks for stopping by! Can't wait to show you more comfort woolliness in the days to come!


Throwback: Snowflake Sugar Cookie Scarf

This post was originally published on my old blog, From Honolulu to Eternity, on 13. December 2013: "I have way too many works-in-progress to be indulging fun little crochet scarves that look like food...but when has that ever stopped me?  When I saw this free pattern by the legendary TWiNKiE CHAN pop up on my Pinterest feed, I knew I had to make one!


Don't you just want to eat it?  I justify making this project by telling myself that it stopped me from going out and eating an entire box of frosted sugar cookies.


I substituted almost all of the yarn she suggested for whatever I had on hand.  Being out in Germany it's hard to get the American brands of yarn that I'm used to in a timely manner. - If I'd ordered the yarn for this before making it I wouldn't have gotten it until both the sugar cookie season was over and I had a screaming newborn to look after! - Luckily I have a huge stash of acrylic yarn at my fingertips.
Most of the cookie bases were made with Lion Brand Homespun Golden (When I ran out of that I doubled a random ball of Red Heart that sort of matched).  The snowflakes are Caron Simply Soft, made with an F hook, and the frosting is a blue baby yarn I had on hand but lost the label for.
Scarf 4
Shameless selfie.  I'm pretty happy with the results and I can't wait to wear this to a Christmas party sometime soon!"
Did you catch the sugar cookie scarf I posted about yesterday?  If not, look here!