Holiday Card and Timelapse Drawing

Christmas Card Colored Happy holidays and almost Solstice!  I am so looking forward to the days beginning to lengthen again after Monday, aren't you? I love a cozy evening full of cuddling and hot tea as much as the next knitter, but when the sun is beginning its descent around 2pm, things have gotten a bit out of hand.  And let's be real, there's a minimal amount of cuddling and a large amount of chasing a toddler around the house, trying to prevent her from undoing the small amount of cleaning I can accomplish at 36 weeks pregnant.  I'm tired.

If I were a smart woman, I would have napped today while my toddler slept. Instead, I drew this Christmas card and recorded the process in my first "timelapse" video!  I've learned a few things by trial and error and hope that the next time I give this a try the quality will be a bit better.  Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this little card and video I put together.

Remember to take some time for yourself and your family this holiday season.  December has a way of finding its way away from even the most careful planners.  If you need an excuse to sit down and take it easy, I can't recommend coloring enough. I've got two free coloring pages for download on Gumroad for the next month. Go take a look, print a page or two, and sit down for some serious relaxation.

Happy making!


Happy Holidays - Here, Have a Unicorn

In celebration of the many festivities happening this time of year and to help you unwind from said activities, here's a free (for a limited time) Unicorn coloring page to enjoy.  To download please click the image and download through my Gumroad shop (this is a great way for me to see interest, and Gumroad is a great site!)  This design is also available on my Society6 page in regular and sepia and I must say, it makes an excellent tote bag.  Just saying. I would be delighted if you would share your finished coloring pages with me either by emailing them to, posting on my Facebook page, linking me to your blog, or tagging them with #coloringwithwoolpickle on Instagram!

Also, if you haven't already seen, I've joined a small coloring page collaborative with the talented ladies at Liliana Beatriz Artworks and Robyn McKeown Designs.  We'll be releasing free coloring pages once a month and coloring each others pages through the month. You can read more at the "Coloring Pages" tab on my blog (upper right) or by visiting our Facebook group!

Without further ado, the Unicorn.


Download Here

Free Mammary Glands Coloring Page combat my grouchiness I've started doodling some adult coloring pages. If you're new to coloring as an adult, this article is a good introduction to the many positive effects it can have on your mental and emotional health. I'm not sure what I want to do with all of the pages I'm making yet, but since there's been some interest in coloring them, I decided to share this first one for free.

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Rainbow Woollies

I'll keep this short today (don't I always?) because I've got a nasty stomach bug and my brain is on vacation from the lack of sleep.  Taking care of a toddler, being pregnant, and having a stomach bug all at once is not my idea of fun.

These rainbow soakers make me smile even if I'm having kind of a crummy day.  I can't resist anything rainbow, especially when it comes in a wee little baby size.  I have yet to lanolize them but once I do I'll be using them (along with the several others I've made over the years) as a diaper cover for the belly baby.  I love the way that wool covers breathe, keep my baby warm, and look super cute all at once.  If you want pattern details, please visit my Ravelry page!

Everyone nests and prepares for baby in different ways.  While I've gotten out all our newborn clothes and diapers and started furnishing the crib with fresh sheets, knitting is my favorite way to prepare.  I'm constantly amazed at how tiny babies are and how small their clothes are.  They take such a small bit of yarn and time but I hope that the love I put into each project makes this baby feel calm and loved in her mama-made clothes.

Happy crafting!

My Nanook

This post has been a long time coming.  Two years ago when I had my daughter and spent many wee hours of breastfeeding reading through the Archives over at SouleMama, I came across this beautiful sweater.  I knew I had to make one and wasted no time in ordering some yarn from Knit Picks.  At the time I didn't really know what characteristics made up a quality garment yarn so I ordered some Wool of the Andes, Knit Picks' workhorse wool yarn.  I fudged my measurements because I was barely postpartum with my daughter, didn't do a gauge swatch, then proceeded to spend almost two years knitting this pattern.  After spending six months on the lace collar I knew the yarn was going to be too itchy to be the cuddly sweater I was yearning for, but I just couldn't give up.

After two baths (one in lanolin and the other in hair conditioner) the sweater is wearably soft but still just itchy enough to make it a small relief to take off at the end of the day.  I did take a nap in it the other day but I'm very pregnant and have a toddler so there was a healthy dose of exhaustion in that mix.  Either way, I love the color, the fit is snug but functional, and the pattern is lovely.  It also has the bonus of being incredibly warm and the perfect layering sweater in this very cold autumn we're having in Germany.

So, first sweater? Check! Onto something else!

Happy crafting.